About the Save the Overberg Coalition

Western Cape, South Africa

Voluntary association

The Save the Overberg Coalition is a voluntary association made up of land users and residents from towns in the Overberg. Led by the Napier Farmers’ Association, this concerned collective has come together to fight the prospecting and potential mining application submitted by mining shell company, Cienth. 

The Coalition works to:

• Protect the character, environment and heritage of the Overberg
• Initiate, support and promote activities that conserve the Overberg’s natural environment
• Protect, conserve and maintain the catchment areas and rivers of the Overberg, in particular the Kars River and Heuningnes River
• Protect and promote the natural and cultural heritage of the Overberg
• Protect and promote sustainable livelihoods, particularly in agriculture and tourism
• Conduct litigation proceedings in court as may be necessary.

The association is in the process of applying for Public Benefit Organisation status – with all activities carried out in a non-profit manner. Join the Save the Overberg Coalition – simply register your opposition, and you’ll be a coalition member, and part of this collective.


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